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TotalAV is a slick application that features cutting-edge algorithms to offer you complete and absolute protection.

Our app is now revolutionizing the way people protect their online devices by automating the whole process every step of the way.

More and more people are using TotalAV instead of spending $150/hour for PC repair costs or $1,000 for a new machine. Prevention is always much better than cure. Build a layer of protection for you and your family before you are attacked.

(TotalAV is one of the only available products to include complete security, password vault, ID protect & VPN as well as an antivirus. It really is the last security app you’ll ever need)

We believe our full protection suite by TotalAV delivers on this perfectly and people love how simple and effective it is to use. It works first time, every time and fixes a widespread threat to anyone that connects a computer device to the internet

A Family without Online Security is like driving them in a car without a seatbelt. – Dave L

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