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10 Steps To Help Stay Protected Online – Top Tips



Living without the internet is next to impossible, especially when more and more of us start working remotely. That being said, it was never more important to stay protected online, as both of our business and personal information is distributed over the web. 

This article will give you 10 steps to help stay protected online. These are easy to implement and will boost your internet security immediately after you take them. Let’s roll!

Step #1: Limit What You Share And Click

Thinking twice before acting on the web is not actually a step, but it’s the foundation of everything. Hackers don’t randomly pick your computer and install viruses on it without you doing anything. Most of the infections, scams, and internet blackmails start with something as simple as clicking on a wrong link or downloading a suspicious file.

Therefore, think twice before clicking anything. And even if you decide to open links/emails/documents, double-check everything before sharing any personal information. Prevention is key, and if you fail this step, everything else is just damage control.

Step #2: Create Strong Passwords

One of the most common ways how hackers access personal information is through brute force attacks. They create a bot that tries various password combinations. If your password is “pass1234,” you are at tremendous risk. A password manager is your best bet to keep everything organized.

Step #3: Use A Firewall

A firewall will put an added layer of security to your network. TotalAV has a remote firewall that will prevent unauthorized access to your network even before the attacker gets near it, keeping all of your devices safe.

Step #4: Use HTTPS

Prioritizing HTTPS protocols when visiting websites will ensure that the traffic stays encrypted. If you need to enter any sensitive information, make sure you are using an HTTPS connection.

Step #5: Update System and Software

Always make sure that you are using the latest Windows version and that automatic updates are turned on. The same goes for any programs you have installed on your computer. Don’t skip updates, as they include security patches that will keep you from potential exploits.

Step #6: Scan For Malware Regularly

While you should pick an antivirus with real-time protection, don’t forget to enable periodical scans at least once per month. This will make sure nothing slips by and will eradicate any malware present on your system.

Step #7: Be Mindful Where You Connect

When connecting to public WiFi, make sure you are using an encrypted connection, or even better, a VPN. Connecting through a virtual private network will ensure the traffic stays encrypted, so the hackers can’t do anything with the data, even if they intercept it. TotalAV has a VPN that will put your security to the next level, even if you use a hotspot.

Step #8: Protect Your Mobile Devices 

Protecting only your computers is not enough. After all, you are using the same accounts on your mobile devices, and the hackers are after the data, not the device itself. Therefore, use a security suite that can protect you no matter the platform

Step #9: Re-check Privacy Settings On All Accounts

This one is super boring, but very important. Go through privacy settings on all of your devices and accounts. There, you will find settings that let you keep your data to yourself, such as disabling tracking and sharing of information and hiding your identity when possible. The less you share, the more protected you are.

Step #10: Stay Alert!

While you shouldn’t be paranoid, staying alert when browsing the internet is crucial. Whenever you are about to do something that involves sharing some personal information, double-check everything. Whenever you install a new app on your phone, check the access request, and see if there’s anything suspicious. 

It’s your job to be mindful when using the internet all the time. Of course, TotalAV will help you stay protected and have your back, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to get careless and sloppy. Guard up!