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How To Stay Protected Against Malware Attacks In 2021



Malware attacks are a real threat to your personal information and data. If you are not careful when using the Internet, you are at risk. In this article, we will explain what a malware attack is, what are common types of malware attacks, and what you can do to stay protected.

What Are Malware Attacks?

Malware is short for malicious software installed on a device without the owner’s knowledge. Because malware often ends up on your device without you noticing it, it is impossible to stay protected without active antivirus software.

Types Of Malware Attacks

There are several types of malware, a broad term to describe all kinds of malicious software designed to steal information or create issues on infected devices – viruses, spyware, ransomware, Trojans.

Malvertising is a tactic used to deploy malware-infected ads to legitimate websites that will automatically interact with your browser and infect it with malware. Another type of malware-infected ad is adware, which displays unwanted ads on your browser pages.

Some older but still effective tactics used to deploy malware include email phishing with malware-infected links and newer variants with infected links on social media and instant messages. 

There are also more complex attacks that include hackers themselves in the process, such as MitM and MitB attacks. There, hackers take advantage of poorly secured networks and browsers to infect devices and steal data.

An Evolving Threat

But, the biggest problem is that malware attacks are evolving as hackers try to find new loopholes and infect devices as we speak. First, they “test the waters” through exploit kits. Trying to find security holes they will later use to infect the device. 

The most important thing is not only to use antivirus software, but to use one that is consistently updated. Also, always turn on automatic updates, as that’s the only way to stay protected. 

The same goes for updating other software on your computer, especially internet browsers, so make sure always to use the latest versions.

Recent Malware Attacks

When it comes to malware attacks, not even the biggest tech companies or public institutions are immune. Acer, a Taiwan-based giant best known for making laptops, fell victim to a $50 million ransom attack. 

This shows that even the biggest systems are prone to exploits by clever hackers, which is why it’s an absolute must to stay alert and do your best to stay ahead.


Malware attacks are a real issue, and if you want to stay safe, you need to be proactive. Your best approach is to get reliable personal antivirus software that gets frequent updates, ensuring you stay ahead. But, that doesn’t mean you should stop being careful – good Internet hygiene is still necessary.