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Top 10 Benefits of VPN



While Virtual Private Networks (VPN) became increasingly popular in recent years, this article will tell you not only why VPN is useful but why it’s necessary, especially if you care about the safety of your personal information online. Read on to find out more.

Benefit #1: Encrypted Traffic

One of the massive benefits of VPN is traffic encryption. When you use a VPN, nobody can steal the information your device sends and receives. Even if someone intercepts the data, they will only have encrypted code they won’t be able to decipher, making you safe.

Benefit #2: Keep Your Browsing Sessions To Yourself

If you use a VPN, you don’t have to worry about someone getting access to your browsing history. What’s more, a VPN will even prevent your internet service provider from accessing the data, keeping you safe from eavesdropping.

Benefit #3: Use Free WiFi

Open public WiFi is usually considered a safety concern and a magnet for hackers unless you use a VPN. If you do, all of the traffic will be encrypted, making hotspots much safer.

Benefit #4: Ignore Geo-Restrictions

VPN will let you enjoy content no matter where you are in the world. You will no longer suffer because you are unable to access a website just because of your location – enable VPN, and enjoy.

Benefit #5: Avoid Targeted Ads

A VPN protects your privacy by hiding your IP and location, which has another benefit – less personalized ads. You won’t see the same ads showing up everywhere you click, making your browsing far less annoying.

Benefit #6: Enjoy Cheaper Prices

Sometimes you will get a much better deal just by choosing a different location using VPN. If you come from a higher-income country, the chances are that prices you see on popular online stores are higher, at least when compared to those who browse from a lower-income location.

Benefit #7: Unlimited Access When Traveling

Using a VPN will let you access any content, no matter the location. This is particularly useful when traveling to places where certain services are unavailable.

Benefit #8: Counter Censorship

If you live on a college campus or are using library WiFi, you are likely to find some commercial and entertainment websites blocked via a firewall. Fortunately, if you have a VPN, you can circumvent the restrictions and enjoy any type of content as long as you like.

Benefit #9: Enjoy Any Content On The Go Too

Better VPNs are compatible with different platforms, which allows you to connect no matter if you browse from your phone, tablet, or PC. TotalAV has dedicated Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android apps, meaning that all of your devices will stay protected, no matter where you browse from.

Benefit #10: Enhance Your Gaming

With a VPN, you will become immune to IP blocking but will also stay safer if game servers get hacked. Plus, you will be able to connect to any server across the globe, no matter where you’re located.