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Will Windows Defender Declare War on A New Free  App Thats Revolutionising The Way People Use Their Online Devices?..

by David Long 09/21/19

Using new Free app from the renowned security developer protected.net, Over 15 million people have now already been secured…

New computer protection app went viral in under 2 weeks…

Windows and other large Antivirus companies are beside themselves over a free app that’s allowing everyday people to  keep all their devices fully protected 100% of the time.

Even people like security-tech guru and TV & radio host Kim Komando, who has now called this the Best and only protection needed for 2020

“I Downloaded the TotalAV App, and felt instantly secure. After using the free version for a little I could see how this was game changer. I upgraded to pro and now only use 1 app to protect every aspect of my online security. – Kim Komando

TotalAV  is a web and mobile security app that offers full realtime protection and builds a thick layer of security between your internet connection, identity and any of your online devices.

The cool part is, this is free and will instantly analyse and start protecting you and your family from attack. Think of it as prevention to protect yourselves permanently when online.

Even if you don’t think your computer or smartphone is at risk now, get TotalAV while you can still download it for free.

If you like how you’re protected, you’ll have an opportunity to upgrade to the Ultimate and most exclusive premium protection Currently being offered right now as part of our special promotion at just $19!

Thats a massive 80% off the regular price and our commitment to you.

Less than $20 will protect yourself, family and all devices against cybercrime and viruses for life. Simply run the free scanner and see for yourself.

If you decide to take advantage of this exclusive upgrade offer and are not completely satisfied you will also receive a 100% certified, no questions asked, money back guarantee as part of this special promotion and your small fee will be immediately returned.

Please Note: This promotion is an exclusive offer to our readers only and will only be available by following the link below. Don’t Miss out to protect your family, devices, Identity, internet connection and passwords today with TotalAV.

If you’re serious about protecting your family and all your online devices permanently you can also receive a 80% off coupon to be used if you decide to upgrade. meaning you can get fully protected for just $19.